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Kavingo plaza, family bank building 2nd floor, Mlolongo.


1. Member Education

We value our members greatly and we believe in continuous value improvement. LHC offers member education sessions and exchange day programs to the members.

2. Housing Solutions

Currently, LHC engages itself in the construction of houses but also envisions engagements in other constructions in future. The current housing solutions include construction of gated communities and apartments.

By bringing together members, the cooperative embarks on a specific project that would be most suitable for its members.

a. Green Fields

These are gated community projects. LHC offers its members an opportunity to team up and it facilitates the construction of the houses. The process involves acquisition and subdivision of land, construction of starter units and provision of other necessary services e.g. water, roads and electricity.

b. Apartments

At a price almost half of what the market is offering, LHC is currently doing construction of apartments for sale and for members. Our current ongoing project is in Kitengela town next to KAG University

Lukenya Apartments Project will be a well designed estate comprising of 1,2 & 3 bed roomed apartments. The development is located on Namanga Road approx. 13km from Kitengela shopping centre and 100m off Namanga rd on a 2.0 acre parcel of land.

The features of the apartments include Spacious lounge, Master bedroom ensuite, balcony & Dhobi area

  1. Bore hole access and adequate water tank to cater for any water shortages.
  2. Solar Water heating connected to each apartment.
  3. Water recycling system (Bio Digester ).
  4. Plug-in internet access and DSTV connection for each apartment.
  5. Closed circuit TV cameras in identified locations.
  6. Electric fence and automated gate.
  7. 24 – hour security guard and alarm back-up.
  8. Swimming pool and gym.
  9. Greening and children play area.
  10. Cabro car park.
  11. Cool and serene environment.
  12. One Parking per apartment.
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